Just Because She Wants Out, Doesn't Mean Your Marriage Has To Be Over...

Even If You Don't Have Her Support Right Now...

 I'm Guessing You're Here Looking For A Marriage Therapist, In A Last Ditch Effort To Save Your Marriage...But Here's The Problem, Traditional Marriage Therapy Is Outdated, Ineffective, And Doesn't Work...ESPECIALLY If Your Wife Has Already Checked Out.

Conventional therapy was developed during a time when a WOMAN really couldn't leave a marriage for many reasons (economic, social, legal, etc). Therapy was a way to help two people who had to stay together, make it LESS PAINFUL.

In 2022, your wife can leave anytime...The necessity to "Work It Out" has long gone, yet the marriage therapies remain the same as 30 years ago or more!

In a new era of femenine empowerment, marriage therapy requires a TOTALLY DIFFERENT approach, if a marriage in trouble is to be saved. 

Dragging somebody kicking and screaming into therapy when they don't want to, is NOT going to get you the results you want...It's just going to get you a big bill.

Don't get me wrong...I offer therapy, if that's what you really want, but before you decide, read this entire page and make an informed decision!

If you are like 97% plus of MEN who contact me...Therapy is the WRONG CHOICE for YOU!

All you're going to do in therapy is rehash your old fights, talk bad about each other, and make the situation worse...And EXPECT ME to be the judge and decide who's right!

The MOST LIKELY OUTCOME is that you will reinforce for her, the decision to leave is the right one!

The Secret To Bringing Your Wife Back Is To RELEASE THE TRAUMA From The Marriage, NOT To Revive It!

So Maybe Some Of The Hurt You're Feeling Includes...

  • ​​Exhausted
  • ​Betrayed
  • ​Disrespected
  • ​​Unappreciated
  • ​Disconnected
  • ​Lost
  • ​Frustrated
  • ​Overwhelmed 
  • Disappointed
  • Lonely
  • Helpless
  • ​Empty
  • ​Toxic
  • ​Unequal
  • ​Unwanted
  • ​​Unfulfilled

If This Is YOU...Then The First Step To Healing Your Marriage Is To


You Can't Give What You don't Have, And If You Can't Find Your Own Happiness, How Can She Trust YOU To Lead Her To Her Happiness?

It's a LEADERSHIP issue...You, as the MAN, NEED To Step Up And Lead.

Understand this brother...She's NOT responsible for your happiness.  

You're responsible for your own happiness, and hers! 

And right now, she's being forced into taking the matter of her happiness into her own hands.

She's decided that her best shot at happiness is without you!

Now I can already hear some people saying "yeah but she's this, and she's that" and "yeah but you don't know what she's done"...If that's you, STOP READING NOW, this isn't for you.

This PATH will ONLY WORK for MEN Willing To Take EXTREME OWNERSHIP of their marriage...

MEN willing to OWN THE MESS and then transform it...NOT MAKE EXCUSES FOR IT.

Husbands are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in the home in the same way Business owners are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in a business.

It's Time To Step Up And Be The Man You Need To Be To Take Control Of The Situation And Be The Leadership Your Wife Is Desperate For

This is your life for real my man…This is not a rehearsal…And I’m telling you time is short!

It’s far too short for so much unhappiness, so much trauma, and so much pain to be dominating you and your family. 

Your unhappiness, her unhappiness, your kids' unhappiness.

And Right Now She Believes The Only Way To Stop It Is To Leave.

You've GOT TO SHOW her there's an alternative, NOT Tell Her.  She's NOT going to hear your words.

I’m also here to PROMISE you it can all turn around in a New York second.

I’ve done it in my own marriage…I’ve also coached thousands of men to do it.

If you meet the conditions the same can happen for you too!


If you don’t man-up now and take control of the situation YESTERDAY, you’re going to lose your wife, your kids, your wealth, your retirement, and quite possibly your health.

And I'm just going to be honest, you don't have long to make the decision to get it together.

Let Me Help You Out By Giving You The Master Keys

To turn this around at break-neck speeds, you've got to start asking the right questions...

Don't Ask WHAT Do I Need to Do To Save This Marriage...Ask WHO Do I Need To Become, That She Would Be Crazy To Leave?

To change your situation, YOU have to change.


Regardless Of What Your Wife Is Telling You Right Now...Here's Why She's Wanting Out...

When she agreed to marry you, it was because…

1. She believed her life would be SIGNIFICANTLY better as a whole with you.

2. She LOVED the way you made her feel.

That’s it, that the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Now, If she’s wanting out

It’s because...

1. She believes her life would be SIGNIFICANTLY better as a whole without you.

2. She HATES the way you make her feel.

It’s as simple as that.

The Good News Is That You Have The Ability To Change Both, QUICKLY...And YOU MUST!

Making Her Happy Is Easy, Making Her Feel Good Is Even Easier...When You Know How.

I can show you how to do it.

Think About It...It Would Be A Lot Easier For Her To Stay Than To Leave!

She Would Rather Stay I Guarantee It

 “Our Marriage Recovery Process” Is A Shortcut...You'll See Dramatic Results In Your Marriage In As Little As 8 Weeks Or Less...

Our "Marriage Recovery Program For MEN” is a unique and highly effective approach for MEN to develop the Skills, Strategies, and Marriage Success Blueprints needed to create an environment of security, safety, love and appreciation that your wife craves, and will be magnetically drawn back into...Even when everything else you've tried has failed.

In Fact...Our average couple is able to Stop The Fighting, restore the Rest, Intimacy, and Communication, And bring the Love...In as little as just 8-weeks!

Our Secret To Success

Our reason for such massive success is to understand that the solution to your marriage is in YOU, NOT your Partner!


When you're able to "Change How You See The Marriage"…"The Marriage You See Will Change"!


After you go through the Better Marriage "Marriage Recovery Process", one of two things will happen…


1. The Marriage Will Provide Intimacy, Communication, Security And Fulfillment.




2. You will know that the marriage was not "Saveable", and you'll be able to make your next decisions "Regret Free"!


Either way…


You'll experience clarity, focus, and freedom like you probably haven't in a while

Who's This For?

This is for MEN who understand that in order for their marriage to be SAVED, they MUST change, and that any change in their wife will come from HER following HIS EXAMPLE, NOT his demands.

This is for MEN who are...

  • Ready To Take Extreme Ownership Of Their Marriage.
  • Ready To Step Up And Lead Their Family.
  • ​Have Humility.
  • ​Are Ready To Admit They Are Lost And Need Help.
  • ​Ready To Transform Themselves Because It's The RIGHT Thing To Do, Not To Manipulate An Outcome.
  • ​Are Coachable.
  • ​Are Willing To Put Commitment Over Convenience.
  • ​Are Willing To Do Whatever It Takes.
  • ​Understand That ONLY They Can Do The Work.

Who's This 100% NOT For?

  • Whinger, Whiners And Excuse Makers.
  • ​Boys Who Just Want Somebody To Agree With Them.
  • ​Boys Who Want To Blame Their Wife For Everything.
  • ​Boys Looking For A Magic Pill.
  • ​Boys Who Just Want To Complain About How Bad Their Wife Is.
  • ​Boys Who Know Everything.
  • ​Boys Willing To Commit IF Convenient.
  • ​Boys Who Think I'm Going To Do The Work For Them.

Our Unique Process

Hi, I’m Cody, I Am Your Marriage Coach

Before you even think about trusting me...Let me share a few things about myself...

Back in 2005 I was a very unhappy person, severely depressed to the point I couldn’t even get out of bed for days at a time.

Suffering from chronic anxiety...And totally lost.

I’d been in a series of painfully failed relationships, and to top it all off...I drank too much, too often!

I Decided Something Had To Change

I started to study “Relationships”, I got obsessed with it. Books, courses, seminars, coaches, literally anything that I could find that would provide the skills I needed to have a successful relationship.

Love Is Something You Attract…Not Command

I discovered that the secret to a successful relationship was to work harder on myself than on my spouse!

I had always blamed my spouse for the failure, I never thought for a second…Maybe I had something to do with it!

All my relationships had followed a similar pattern of failure, and what was the "Lowest Common Denominator" in all this?

The answer was me!

I could also see the same patterns in friends' and colleagues' relationships too!

Now I'm not saying you're to blame…Far from it!

What I am saying is that you have the ability 100% to change yourself, and ZERO% ability to make your spouse change against their will.

Fight the battles that can be won!

Learn The Skills

I learned the skills of "How To Have A Successful Relationship (and have been happily married ever since).


I learned how to communicate effectively.


I learned how to get my needs met while meeting my wife's needs.


I learned how to create a shared vision and purpose for our marriage.


Best of all, this is all learnable very quickly for anybody with a desire to do so.

I Could See Others Were Suffering

I could also see that MOST people around me were suffering too.

I knew there was a solution, I knew a different path and I wanted to share it.

You see…

Marriage is not a skill that is taught in school, and our parents most likely didn't do any better.

And that's why I do what I do…

You don't need to suffer, there is another way other than totally sacrificing yourself, or divorce.

Schedule a call now, and start the process of transforming not just your marriage but your life.

We Can Help You Transform Your Marriage...Are You Ready?

So...If This Sounds Like What You Need, And Are Ready To Take Action RIGHT NOW

Schedule Your Initial "Emergency Divorce Prevention Session" FREE!

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